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No Marketing Cost

There's no upfront marketing costs which gives you the opportunity to list your house absolutely everywhere without risking a cent.

Low Commission Rate

We want you to be happy with the outcome and sale of your old home. So we strive to keep our commission rates low and competitive.

Front & Centre

We have a large shop on the main street of Hervey Bay, a website that receives thousands of monthly hits and a giant email databse.

Hervey Bay Real Estate Agents

Why Choose JTH Property

We are set apart by having earned a great reputation for providing outstanding service and achieving excellent results for our clients. We are committed to being a step ahead oh other Hervey Bay real estate agents with clever, cost-effective marketing strategies which are tailored specifically for you and your property.

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Founded With a Purpose

JTH Property was founded with the purpose of creating a professional company where property owners feel comfortable with the information and services they receive. This encourages the growth of our community, our agency, and our clients. Our sales results stem from the importance we place on the people behind the properties. At JTH Property, our clients will always come first.

Hervey Bay Real Estate Agents

Our People

As an award-winning agency, JTH Property has a strong culture and a proven track record that circulates across the Hervey Bay region. Our relationships with locals and interstate buyers attracts some buyers through all periods of the year.

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Real estate agents will help guide sellers on the best method of sale. They ensure properties are actively promoted and marketed to reach the maximum number of potential buyers and make the sales process as easy as possible when a buyer is found.

It’s human nature to not want to intrude on the current owner’s space, so your presence can sometimes act as a deterrent and rush potential buyers so they aren’t able to consider the property carefully.

Like most things, the biggest factor is price. An auction generally proves to be the most effective method to sell a home for the best price in the shortest possible timeframe.

At JTH Property, our agents can tell you the approximate number of days properties similar to yours have spent on the market before a sale has been made.

The agent will show the home to multiple people who are currently in the market to buy. The agent’s role is to engage in conversation and get an understand in the interest of potential buyers who walk through the home. The agent will point out all the unique qualities and benefit of the home so nothing is missed.

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